Tomson is the leading importer, wholesaler and retailer of educational and innovative
toys in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

It has long been known that children learn through play. Therefore the toys we offer are educational and with
what kids love to play with. Our innovative toys lead the way in future trends. Our toys help children exceed
themselves, finish what they have started and feel proud of their achievements – toys which offer children the
opportunity to acquire new skills, rise their intelligence and find their interests through play!

All of our toys are made from ecologically pure materials to guarantee the safety of child’s health.

Tomson’s toys are loved by children, parents and grandparents. They represent a great opportunity to spend
quality time with the whole family!

We do our best to help our loyal clients become active and successful people!

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Toomas Neson


+372 5305 6556

Toomas, our trailblazer, wanted most of all to grow up when he was a kid. He spent
his time mainly running around and playing outside to enjoy growing up. However, when he was told to
come inside, he had his super-cool floor mat with streets on it and his pet rat Godzilla waiting for
him. Toomas was his PE teacher’s favourite student because he never left the class until he had reached
the necessary height or distance. Nowadays as well he will not stop until Tomson offers the best and
most developmental toys in the world.

Egert Valing


Egert loved playing with toy cars when he was a kid – he had a ton of them! Even
today he enjoys giving everything he’s got to everything he does; he loves working hard and listening to
loud music. He makes sure that all our numbers and tables match up and are in order. He spends his free
time sailing and considers being able to do the things he really enjoys his greatest achievement in


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